Brezhoneg Unan/Lesson 1/Traoù all

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Other words[edit | edit source]

Brezhoneg English
Me I, me
Te You (one person)
He, him
Hi She, her
Ni We, us
C’hwi You (pl.)
Int, i They, them
Eo Is (copula)
N’eo ket eñ/hi... ? Isn’t he/she/it... ?
... o teskiñ ... learns / is learning
Chañs vat ! Good Luck!
Gant With
Kentel Lesson / course
Ar gKentel ("Kentel" mutes into "ar gentel") The lesson
Piv ? Who?
Pelec’h ? Where?
Petra/Pe ? What?
Pet eur ? When, what time?
Perak ? Why?
Warc’hoazh Tomorrow

Exercises[edit | edit source]

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