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Lesson 5: Questions / Kentel Pemp : Goulennoù[edit | edit source]

Here are the main ways of asking a question.

(br) (en) IPA notation
Piv ? Who? ['piu]
Pe ? What? [pe]
Pet ? How many? [pet]
Pelec'h ? Where? (lit . What place?) [pe'lex]
Petra ? What? (lit. What thing?) [pe'trɑ]
Pegoulz ? When? (lit. What period?) [pe'guls]
Penaos ? How? (lit. What shape? [pe'no:s]
Perak ? Why? (lit. What cause?) [pe'rak]
Pegement ? How much? (lit. What quantity?) [pe'gemɛ̃nt]

What: Pe, Petra[edit | edit source]

You will notice there are two ways of saying "what" in Breton: pe and petra.
They're all translated as "what" or "which" in English, but are they are put together with different words.

  • Pe only goes with a noun:
Pe gador ? Which/What chair?
  • Petra' only goes with verbs:
Petra emaoc'h o'ch ober ? What are you doing?
Some questions
  • Petra eo hemañ ? What is this?
  • Petra eo hennezh ? What is that?
  • Pe anv oc'h ? What is your name? (lit. What name are you?)
  • Pe hini ? Which one?