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From the files of Madison Finn: Thanks for Nothing

From the Files of Madison Finn is very dramatic book, whereas, the main character, Madison Finn, is 12 and is around my age and I clearly understand how difficult it must be for her to select one of her parents over the other parent, basically to spend Thanksgiving with. Also, this is her first year to have Thanksgiving without her father and her parents are mad at each other about who's staying with who and Madison thinks that they are angry because of her. While Madison is choosing which parent to spend Thanksgiving with she volunteers at a local dog pound and finds out that, Dan Ginsburg, an old friend from school, who ate everyone's leftovers at lunch when they didn't want it, volunteers there too. Madison soon becomes friends with Dan, while he helps her learn what to do when your volunteering.

While Madison is volunteering at the animal clinic and deciding who to spend Thanksgiving with, she also has a extra-credit Social Studies project, The Mayflower, she had to do the with her friend, Walter “Egg” Diaz, he got his nickname because when he was younger he got hit in the face with an egg. Unfortunately, Egg gave her very little support in the beginning of the project and was late to most of their meetings about the project, which caused disagreements in their friendship.

Madison's father, Jeff, has told Madison that she could come to Texas with him and his girlfriend, Stephanie, to her family's ranch for Thanksgiving, but she did not tell her mom, Francine, about the trip, but Madison did not want to go to Texas with her dad so she plans to stay and have Thanksgiving with her mom. Also, Madison and Egg are starting to come up with great ideas for their extra-credit project, The Mayflower, and at the animal clinic, Madison became close to one of the dogs, Sugar, a schnauzer-poodle, who was abandoned on the steps of the clinic, but then while Sugar was recovering she got sick and might need surgery. Then Dan tells Madison that Sugar does not need surgery, she was just going through shock after being rescued.

Madison and Egg presented their project and Madison noticed that their project was being displayed in a display case. So she knew that she did a great job with Egg.

Thanksgiving day and Madison is staying with her mom, while her dad is in Texas having Thanksgiving with Stephanie's family.