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The Bloom Clock uses a large number of templates (see list), which have evolved over time. Since some of these templates are always substituted, version tags are used to keep track of what template version was used to create a page, so that they can be fixed later (possibly using bots).

Versions of Template:Bcp3[edit]

Bcp3 is by far the most complex template used in the Bloom Clock, since its purpose is to create pages in the BCP pseudonamespace, and those pages in turn function like templates on the visual search pages. There have been several versions (including some even earlier than those discussed below, but those were all fixed).

From version 0 to version 7.6.10[edit]

Changes implemented on 10 June, 2007 (see this diff for reference). The following changes were made:

  1. "Return to he current main clock page" (which appeared in the image caption) was removed, and {{bcp-nav}} was added below the image.
  2. Inclusion/exclusion tags were refined.
  3. {{bcp-7.6.10}} was added, the first version tracing template (earlier versions did not use one)

(No pages use this version any more)

From version 7.6.10 to 7.7.1[edit]

Changes implimented on 1 July, 2007 (see this diff for reference). The following changes were made:

  1. Addition of a category marker for log pages created without an image and/or image description.
  2. {{bcp-nav}} was switched to non-inclusion, while an includeonly section was added with a link to the log page and {{bcp-nav2}}. {{bcp-nav2}} is currently blank, but should eventually be modified to explain what's on the log page (identifying characteristics, etc.; see next item).
  3. Addition of the template {{bcp-chars}}, which is used to add written descriptions of the plant for use in improving identification. This template does not include on the visual lists.
  4. Editor's mark added below the general categories.
  5. {{bcp-7.6.10}} was replaced by {{bcp-7.7.1}}

(no pages use this version any more)

Version 7.7.22[edit]

On 22 July, 2007, the template was changed to use a separate log page, which allows easier archiving, and the possibility of making color-specific BCP pages (this might not be a good idea, but if enough people are involved later on, it could be done.


Added <div> tags to constrain the left hand column. This was to fix a problem on some browsers and operating systems where the {{bcp-nav}} links were appearing in an unintended middle column, which looked rather odd. There are several hundred of these.


A minor change in the top of the page, replacing "|" with "•", and adding a link to wikispecies.

Regional templates[edit]

During October, 2007, the old categories for regional data were replaced by templates, which are both easier to type and allow flexibility. (Some have not yet been replaced as of this date.)


Bcp-regional os used for text reporting of where and when a plant was observed flowering. These appear on the keys as well as the profiles (unfortunately there is no way to collapse this with the regional categories without also categorizing the keys themselves).

When a new region is added to this template, {{bcp3}} should be updated so that all new pages have the field available. The template works fine without all fields included, so just adjust the template on older pages.

The {{bcpm/...}} series is used instead of text. eventually these will be hyperlinks to lists of keys available for any particular month (probably a DPL list).