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{{{1}}}]] on commons)

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[[BCP/{{{1}}}|Profile for {{{1}}} ]] (1)
Identifying Characteristics

([[BCP/{{{1}}}/Logs|view all logs]])

Global data:

[[BCP/{{{1}}}|Regional data and additional images for {{{1}}} ]]


Usage Notes: This template creates a new "Bloom Clock Plant" page in the "BCP" pseudonamespace (a redlink to this page is automatically created when adding a plant to a text list using {{bcp}}).

To use this template add the following to the new page:

{{subst:Bcp3|SCIENTIFIC NAME|COMMON NAME(S)}} (images are no longer added by this template!)

(replacing all cap type... note that you do not include the prefix "Image:" in the image name). If there is no image available on commons, just leave the last two fields blank and the template will automatically categorize the page as lacking an image.

The page this template creates will guide you through two more steps for finishing the page (creating a logs page and categorizing).

Note: This template should always be substituted. This template creates a page which in turn functions like a template, and the inclusion/exclusion wikicode will not work properly if not substituted.