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Now that we know what is CPBL, let’s see how it is implemented in a real classroom and what are the benefits of CPBL.

CPBL in a real classroom[edit | edit source]

Watch the following video: Benefits of CPBL

  • This video is about: How CPBL has been implemented in a high school in Seattle.
  • Pay attention to: What are the main benefits of CPBL.

Benefits of CPBL[edit | edit source]

As you see in the video, CPBL engages learners in a complex, real-life project where they can actively use their knowledge in problem solving.
As a result, we get increased student motivation and increased application and retention of information, which lead to increased academic achievement.
Also, collaborative problem solving promotes critical thinking, communication, and collaboration, which are important 21st century skills.

In sum, CPBL has benefits of

  • Increased academic achievement, more specifically, increased application and retention of information
  • Promotion of critical thinking, communication, and collaboration
  • Increased student motivation

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