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Flowers of P.persica (peach)

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Profile for Prunus (Cherry)
Identifying Characteristics
Habit:Prunus is a large genus of trees and shrubs
Flowers:5 petals or multiples of 5. Pink or white.
Foliage:Alternate, simple
Stem:Horizomtal lenticels are prominent on most species
Scent:Ranges from sweet to rank
Subclass plants:P. 'Okame', P. laurocerasus, P. mahaleb, P. persica, P. serotina, P. subhirtella, P. subhirtella 'Pendula'
Recent Logs[edit | edit source]

Global data:
Temperate zone season(s): Early Spring, Mid Spring, Late Spring, Early Fall, Mid Fall

Regional data:
Southeastern Pennsylvania: March, April, May, September, October
New Hampshire: April, May

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