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Pentas lanceolata

Flowers of a white variety

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Profile for Pentas lanceolata (Pentas)
Identifying Characteristics

This page contains recent bloom logs for the plant Pentas lanceolata (Pentas).

If you saw this plant blooming today (or sometime within the last 3 days), you can help improve the bloom clock by logging it. Just click on "edit" next to the Recent Logs heading, add *~~~~ (an asterisk followed by four tildes) on a new line just below the last signature, and then click "save page". This will add your signature and the date to log the plant.

Please make sure you've signed up on the contributors' page so that we can know the location of the plant you saw blooming and use your contribution to create a flora for your region! When you're done, you can go back to one of the main pages and find logs of other flowers you might have seen today.

Recent Logs[edit]
Archived Logs[edit]

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Global data:

Regional data and additional images for Pentas lanceolata

Regional data:
Southeastern Pennsylvania: (cultivated) October

Additional images:

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This page is a profile for the plant species Pentas lanceolata, used to collect records of where and when this plant was observed blooming, and for providing identification information for use in dichotomous keys. If you would like to help collect data for this or other plants, see Bloom clock project/How to Contribute for orientation.