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Problems of teachers[edit | edit source]

Problems an assistant teacher program can solve[edit | edit source]

Lack of respect[edit | edit source]

Some teachers get less respect from a class than others. The problem is easily attributable to a teacher's demeanor but the problem can be alleviated with an assistant teacher program.

Teachers who have problems to silence a noisy class because they don't impress the young pupils enough can leave it to the assistant teachers to take care of the noisiest pupils. A possible result can be that the class never discovers that the teacher alone might have had probems to silence the class. The individual assistant teacher alone may be similarly unable to silence the class but the individual assistant teacher has a much smaller problem to solve.

A teacher may also be given more respect because the pupils more rarely experience the teacher asking them directly to be silent. The psychological effect can be that the pupils don't experience a situation as often where they, intentionally or unintentionally, misuse the attention of the teacher (e.g. as a mistaken goal).

Problems an assistant teacher program can cause[edit | edit source]

Resentments between assistant teachers and pupils[edit | edit source]

In an ideal case this shouldn't happen because the assistant teachers aren't meant to allow it but the problem obviously isn't impossible. The result can be situations which are more difficult to control in spite of the assistant teachers because some assistant teachers contribute to interruptions instead of helping to avoid them.

A quick solution in the class room is to swap pupils (not assistant teachers, because that could undermine the authority of the assistant teacher), so that the difficult pupil moves to a different group, which is supervised by a different assistant teacher. A long-term solution can be to use the problem to teach assistant teachers and pupils to take care of their own problems and to find an agreement outside the class, possibly in a formal procedure organized by the assistant teachers or a class council.

Discussion[edit source]