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Assistant teacher program in adult education[edit | edit source]

Adult education and motivation[edit | edit source]

Adult education programs sometimes lack motivation. The participants may have certain expectations about successful participation and may be unwilling to strive for higher standards beyond their expectations. An assistant teacher program can motivate the participants of a course to motivate each other. An assistant teacher should receive motivation from the course to hold a good lecture or to conduct useful group work or discussions. To encourage assistant teachers the course can grade each course unit held by a single assistant teacher or group of teachers. The grade point average should not have a strong influence on the grades for participation awarded by the course instructors but can be used to assign bonus points, which can be used to award a rebate on course fees (as a motivation outside the course, which some people may require).

Ability grouping[edit | edit source]

A course can be grouped after intermediate testing. A group with the highest grade point averages can be candidates as tutors. Qualification as tutor can be discussed in the course, which can lead to discord but also promotes involvement and allows the course to discuss their problems and to reach an agreement. Tutors can lead groups of assistant teachers, which can be taken from a group with intermediate grade point averages or from the remaining group.

Mentoring[edit | edit source]

If a course is split into three groups the tutors can at the same time be required to function as private tutors and mentors for the least qualified participants.

Discussion[edit source]