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Journalism[edit | edit source]

A curriculum in journalism should aim to produce a pupil magazine (if the school already has one the pupil(s) can join the team or find another focus and make their own).

In order to add a science aspect pupils can write reviews or summaries of scientific articles from (e.g.) Scientific American or Technology Review. The article/magazine should have a sufficient level to represent a challenge for the pupil but shouldn't be too difficult either (e.g. Nature). Journalism can (obviously) offer connections to almost any topic but a curriculum should encourage a certain amount of topics that involve sciences.

Pupils should be given false clues on occasion, so they can learn that they have to distinguish between nonsense and correct research. There is a sufficient amount of magazines that provide articles about nonsense. Pupils can also draft a code of conduct for their own publication concerning research and verification of sources. [1]


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