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Following the art strike meeting on Zoom orgaqnised by Jury at Minsk Underground Gallery we would like to develop an agenda for further discussion and organising.

Art strike meeting[edit | edit source]

We will use Google docs or this wiki in order to collaborate on documents during the meeting

Please add to the list of discussion points and activities

  1. What is Art? What is psychic work?
    1. Collective mapping of art industry/ies – using Google docs we will make a map of our own interactions and engagement with art industries and high art.
  1. Role of artist in labour strikes
    1. Other forms of labour organising - unions, boycotts, occupations
  1. Some historical and current examples
    1. Boycott Zubludovic
    2. DAMTP – Psychic workers and data miners unions:
      1. Metzger – Home - DIrzys
      2. Alytus art strike 2009
      3. Biennialisation – Documenta 2017
      4. Vilnius in 2022