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Definition[edit | edit source]

Art strike is the conscious refusal of art production. The wikipedia article is in development see w:art strike

Manifesto[edit | edit source]

Art strike as a practice begins with a declaration. See Gustav Metzger's "Years Without Art" (upload or type out copy here). Stewart Home plagiarised this manifesto for the 1993 art strike

Discussion[edit | edit source]

Is art strike an art practices or an art movements or social movement or workers movement ... how else could we look at it?

Report of discussion meeting in 2010:

Art Strike Papers is a collection of discussions around the 1993 Art Strike.

The papers are online here:

<Art movements

Supercession of the Art Strike[edit | edit source]

the Alytus Biennial organised an art strike - which lead to the congress of psychic workers and the Psychic Strike

Examples[edit | edit source]

People Organisations Period Events Places Practices
Wikipedia:Gustav Metzger 1977-1980 New York Art Strike
Wikipedia:Stewart Home Art Strike Action Committee) 1990-1993 London
Wikipedia:Redas Diržys ABRACADABRA) 2009-2012 Alytus Art Strike, Multiple-use name
Justin McKeown SPART Action Group 2009-2012 Alytus Biennial Belfast
Denis Limonov Lipovy Tzvet 2014-2017 Moscow
Pablo Hermann OKK 2015 Psychic Strike Biennial Berlin Art Strike

More[edit | edit source]