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Coming through this event (earth), including life on earth and assuming that the balance found in our happiness was a method of stamping to our individual life (life, soul, spirit) when/if we die. That would mean our Life/Soul/Spirit would be separate from our body (hopefully not neglected in some galaxy vault governed by some fruit cake). During many stages throughout my understanding and looking deeply into things a few thoughts spring to mind like "astral projection", "outer body experience", "sleep", "death", "birth", "unconsciousness".

Something happens when you try to astral project, some kind of locking, lock-down or bind between the head area and the neck. As this process is very different from anything I have experienced and at a given indicates something happening in preparation for something. The only way to describe it is like a hold to the body from Life/Soul/Spirit. I assume death is the same or similar.

The list above demonstrate that we exist outside of our conscious body state entering assumed territory. Sleep seems to be the target for those brave, admirable and trusted sources to operate in the absence of our awareness delivering all those dreams.

So defining the fact that away from consciousness and awareness we exist (maybe stepping up or down to another time frame dimension) and we continue to return to our reality its seems obvious to me that Life/Soul/Spirit/Artificial Life/Form (whichever you may be or feel comfortable being) exists outside and inside of our body.

The next step would be to try to keep it (Life, Soul, Spirit, Form) attached eternally. Those that may already have it, those that are artificially bound to a model, those who consider their ability to control our fate by leading us into doomination or maybe a genetic process. How about success say in fame or fortune to be a key to why selected breeds should domineer the industries in which may produce a working solution via chemical or method. Why free knowledge becomes so expensive. Lets be fair probably a system already prepared for only a selected minority who are without remorse, care or balance formed from the same structures we where all guided into. Given that you are human, and I am... We should all have the chance for external Life without the fucked up secrecy / greed / conflict that circulates. not forgetting the dragged on equations for the time dependents. Can you imagine a continuous line of militant generals relieved that they saved the world by destroying it and even had a bail out plan of cities underground. Given that those type of things live on and escalate to another world (heavenly by design) and start forcing democratatorship from a propagandized, triple standard, military force and hypocritical point of view. Not forgetting applying taxes or we will send in the heavies approach. We come in PEACE. of mind.

Perhaps its a thought that when the (numero uno) Creator makes his choice it will be for his creation anyways, US!. So fear not if you are human, sinned a little and prepared for change then he probably has spent some billions of years preparing it. However if your the type to torment, scheme, deny reality, bombard the mind, persecute, torture, victimize, seek revenge, oppose universal laws, unbalance the equation deliberately, cause conflict, hostile or EVIL then this may not be your lucky time. Especially if you thought bombing to the bunkers sitting behind nuclear weapons or WofMD and that no-one could get you there. Hmmm. Beside why would our creator need land he just makes it.

And where do we go from there?? I ask myself who is responsible for all this? and who controls time, space, dimensions, layers, Orbit, Mind, Creation, Life/Soul/Spirit/Form, that we grown-ups are mature and partially responsible for. Especially after 60 or so years practicing within our reality broadening the horizon for economic growth and stability for all those sharing into wealth. Beside that beggar isn't like you or me, forcecourse women need to work into paying off your war bill debt or the deficit. Gingivitis a public mail service just after the stamps where increased and stood to make a great profit that would help pay off the deficit was just the right approach. I bet uncle george bought shares too. Anyways forgetting all that it's a good job we are allowed to be human and make mistakes. So I raise the very question we all ask (given our end of time calculation for man-kind) what on EARTH does DEAD stand for ?? and who the fuck was Allo Domini.

Lets take a look at the word individual (meaning two or more). Check out the saying "The Truth is out there!" one means 1, I must agree with you. How about 1 thing at a time :) Time is nigh!