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Social and Cultural Anthropology[edit]

Key Themes[edit]

Social relations

Approaches to Memory and Nation

Archaeology of the mind

Self Emotion and Culture

The Sensuality of the Social: Experience and Representation

Engendering the Social: Feminism and Anthropology

Social Relations as Persons


Material culture


Ethnography: Writing Culture

Influential Thinkers[edit]

Lévy-Bruhl - rationality and relativism

Dilthey - Hermeneutics and the interpretation

Whorf - Linguistic relativity

Turner - Anthropology of change

Boas - Historical Anthropology

Gramsci - Hegemony and counter-hegemony

Bakhtin - The anthropology of performance

Lévi-Strauss - Structural anthropology

Bourdieu - Habitus and Practise Theory

Foucault - Discourse and power/knowledge

Harris - Cultural Materialism and scientific approach

Geertz - Symbolic anthropology