A View on the Evolution of MP3 Systems

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The following material draws selectively on content and references in main Wikipedia including: w:Digital_audio_player, w:Rio_PMP300, w:iTunes, w:iPod, w:iPhone, w:iPad and others.

Each section provides background and analysis of the media player market and in particular the iPod as a hybrid product/service system. Research discussion and conjecture is posited in terms of systems analysis, production and design approaches, for example 'managing requirements,' 'evaluation and sourcing,' 'test and delivery,' and 'maintenance, use, and prototyping for Interaction.'

Paul Mercer talks about the iPod device http://www.designinginteractions.com/interviews/PaulMercer

MP3 player landscape circa 1999 (pre-iTunes)

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Media player/service landscape circa 2001 – iTunes Desktop (pre-iPod)

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Media player/service landscape circa 2003 – iPod era (pre-iTunes Store)

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Media player/service landscape circa 2007 – iTunes Store (pre-iPhone/iTouch)

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Mobile media convergence circa 2010 – from iMode to iPads

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About this project

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To create an extended case study with graduate students. A narrative presentation of learning material illustrating issues and strategies surrounding the management of high tech systems development.


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The case is was started by User:Ahiggins for a class on managing systems development

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