World War I/Lesson 1

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The First World War was a global conflict which endured for 4 long years. The war marked a beginning of a New Era, the modern world. This conflict was so extreme it caused another one.

Gavrilo Princip[edit]

June 28, 1914. Sarajevo. Archduke Ferdinand and his wife Sophie are driven towards a military parade by the Austrian army in Bosnia. Some decades before, Bosnia was conquered by the Austrians and the people were not happy with these invaders. They wanted an independent state. Gavrilo Princip was one of them and he went so far that he joined a mysterious group called the Black Hand. Their mission was to place bombs under some bridges and to assassinate the Archduke and his wife. Why did he do this?

Assignment 1[edit]

Search for more information about Gavrilo Princip, write a short biography (100-250 words) about him and include what he said about the assassination and his reason to do this.