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Global civilization: Part I - Foundations to 1500[edit | edit source]

Click here to view the first assignment(s) posted. Instructor: --Gfkidd 20:28, 28 January 2008 (UTC)

Required text(s): World History Before 1600: The Development of Early Civilization, Compact 4th ed. by Upshur, Terry, Holoka, et. al.

Course Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Participants will analyze the importance of global interaction, social patterns, drawing conclusions/making inferences, examining evidence of cultural diffusion, the exchange of ideas, etc.
  • One will gain a level of comfort with regards to basic historical writing
  • Participants will interpret/analyze a wide-range of external sources, including articles, maps, world literature, etc.

Grading[edit | edit source]

This online course utilizes a percentages/weights grading system as follows:

  • 25% Exams (four per semester)- each worth 50 points
  • 25% Reading Quizzes (approximately 14 per semester)- each worth 5 points
  • 25% Writing (six major assignments per semester) - each worth 10 points
  • 25% Discussion (a total of 20 points per semester) - more information below.

Assignments[edit | edit source]

Exams will be given two times each semester. Multiple-choice items and writing topics will be posted on the course page. Participants will have seven days to complete their exam and email it to the instructor: Please be sure to send exams in MSWord or Wordpad format.

Similarly, quizzes for assigned reading will be posted on the course page (see the link towards the top of this course description). All reading quizzes will be in a short-answer format. Again, files must be sent as either MSWord or Wordpad to the above address. A respectable response will include a thesis/subthesis combination, sufficient details, and proper analysis. When quizzes are posted along with reading material, participants are to complete their quiz within two days.

Writing assignments will be posted in a similar manner and are due within two weeks. Please follow the above format/content requirements.

Participants will earn discussion points for contributing to assigned threads on the main course page at least twice for C-level credit.

Grades[edit | edit source]

Grades will be posted as soon as they are made available.

This course's grading scale is as follows:

  • A = 90-100%
  • B = 80-89%
  • C = 70-79%
  • D = 60-69%
  • F = below 60