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Types of workplace learning[edit | edit source]

Informal learning
Informal learning takes place in a number of ways:

  • asking for help from peers
  • observing others
  • trial and error
  • corridor conversations
  • mentoring relationships

Formal learning in the workplace
Most of the formal learning in the workplace normally occurs in the first few weeks of employemt. Sadly many companies neglect formal training of employees.

  • Site Induction
  • Safety training

Learning Management Systems
Companies that do invest time and resources into training employees may elect to use a Learning Management System to provide, track and record training taken by their employees.

Barriers to informal information flow[edit | edit source]

  • Lack of respect - the new employee does not respect the older more experienced employee
  • Distrust - employees will withold information from peers for fear of being made redundant - "I am not teaching him to have him replace me!"
  • Misinformation - the deliberate passing on of wrong information to new employees with the aim of sabotaging them.

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NB Workplace learning is more about the informal learning and less about the formal education.