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PART -1:- Introduction to RuralWeb & Soft Production Africa

  • What is RuralWeb?
  • What is Soft Production Africa?
  • What is RuralWeb and Soft Production Africa
  • Why RuralWeb and Soft Production Africa?
  • Benefits and opportunities to the students for joining RuralWeb ICT programme?
  • Introducing Students on What we would be Doing-WEBSITE.


  • Participant should have a clear view of RuralWeb and Soft Production Africa
  • Participant should be able to have a proper understanding of what the programme is all about.
  • Participant should be inspired to apprecaite with a positive end of the programme in mind.
  • Participant should understand the benefits of joining the programm
  • Participant should know the likely opportunities (career,financial,etc) they would have when they participate passionately in the program.
  • Participant should know Ruralweb.info ,like Ruralweb page on facebook and should use that as a platform to ask ICT questions


  • What is website?
  • Purpose of a website
  • Types of website
  • Features of a good website,etc
  • Who is a webdesigner/Developer and how to reach proffesional level?
  • Why learn website designing?
  • Some tools for designing a website.
  • Why choosing wordpress?
  • What are the benefits of wordpress to the Developer,Host and End-User.
  • Features of wordpress.
  • Understanding the basics of wordpress and website designing.
  • What you need to know as a web developer/designer.


  • An introduction Video of a website designed using wordpress.
  • What to do or kow before installation of self-hosted wordpress- (e.g System Requirements,webhost compactibility with wordpresss.text editor software,FTP Client software,etc)

Resources we already have:

  • Sandbox to practice website making in WordPress, Drupal and Joomla!
  • Tech Support Ghana: possible cooperation in WordPress learning circles (we can strengthen eachother: they already have the experience, we have ICT-coaches and a community. We can share e-courses, and a platform for sharing!) Also see: default program schedule and facilitator agreement that techsupport is using.
  • (online) ICT coaches from De Vries Workforce Management (2h per month) and some others!
  • Content: https://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/WordPress and e-book WordPress (see attachment)
  • iMonitoring – they can help us (for free) to search the web for content / info.


Still needed:

  • An assignment to work on to make a website (preferable a local client -with whom you can have face-to-face contact): e.g. 4 weeks training with a group of youngsters learning about website making + 4 weeks working in a team of 4 to make a website (the client pays how satisfied he is with the end-product – the more professional we get – the more business-like we can offer website-making, so that the website makers will earn an income with it.
  • To be discussed after pilot: e.g. 10% of earnings go to who brings in the assignment; 90% to website maker.
  • […?]


  • How and where to install wordpress - root directory,subdirectory or just making a test site.
  • Installation of wordpress
  • Hosting of wordpress
  • Editing of wp-config.php file
  • Wordpress settings and configurations
  • Using FTP Client and software
  • Changing file permission.
  • How to have a wordpress account
  • Create a wordpress.com account
  • Picking your webaddress
  • Chosing a plan(basic-free)
  • Setting up public profile


  • Participant should be able to understand the concept of a website
  • Participant should be know some tools for desiginng a website
  • Participant should understand what wordpress is
  • Participant should have a wordpress account.- usuall for assignment refencing for tutors and the community(Ruralweb) to access students.
  • etc.....


  • The concept of interface
  • Designing the interface


  • What is a theme!
  • How to install a wordpress theme on your website or blog
  • How to install wordpress theme on your computer
  • How to edit wordpress theme
  • What is theme customisation ?
  • Why do we customise a theme?
  • How to customise a wordpress theme to style your website.
  • Developing your own theme
  • What is theme framework?
  • Dealing with theme framework


  • What is a widgets?
  • Importance of widget to a website developer and end-uers
  • How to use widgets in wordpress.
  • How to install widgets or embed widgets.
  • How to use widgets to update a sidebar ith images and text.


  • What are website layouts?
  • Chosing your own layouts
  • Creating a layout
  • Embeding of website layouts
  • Testing of your layouts


  • What is a plugin/wordpress plugin?
  • Importance of plugin to a website developer and end-uers
  • How to use plugin in wordpress and activate them.
  • Essential plugins for wordpress websites
  • How to install plugin or embed other plugins.
  • How to use plugin to update a sidebar ith images and text.


  • What is a template
  • Where to find templates
  • How to edit wordpress templates
  • How to work with template tags
  • Editing with wordpress
  • Developing your own wordpress template.


  • How to add a category
  • How to use tags
  • How to insert photos,link photos,embed photos,etc
  • How to create pages as content
  • How to easily add a video,link,embed videos,
  • How to make a presentation or slide
  • How to use wordpress image editor


  • What are posts and pages?
  • How to write a post to create a content in wordpress
  • Dealing with pages, fonts,styles,Headings,footters,navigating menu.
  • How to create a link (Text or Image ) Using HTML code in Wordpress
  • How to use Wordpress Dashboard.
  • How to prevent spam on your site
  • How to create space to online advertisement and marketing
  • Administrating your wordpress page.
  • Creating gallery blogs


  • What is a stats plugin for site and visitor analysis?
  • Importance of stats plugin to a website developer and end-uers
  • How to use stats plugin in wordpress
  • How to view,analyse and improve your wordpress stats pugin to attract more visitors
  • How to install stats plugin or embed other stats plugins.
  • How to use plugin to update a sidebar with images and text.
  • What is an API key?
  • How to find API key in wordpress
  • What is a Cpanel.ully backup your wordpress site in Cpanel
  • How to fix browser bugs,css troubleshotting.
  • Tips and techniques in WORDPRESS AND website desigining.


  • What is a website proposal
  • How to write a good website proposal
  • How to generate income with you website.
  • How to write a good Curriculum Vitae
  • How to start your own bussines with the knowledege gain .
  • Some question to ask before designing a website on your own!!
  • What am i going to do with this?
  • Who is going to read- targetted group/individuals
  • What kind of message am i broadcasting?
  • Who are you doing this for
  • How often would i be posting and updating.
  • Etc...