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Wiki Pedagogy[edit | edit source]

This is an open working group/learning project developing wiki pedagogy and part of Wikiworld - Commons and Education learning resource at Wikiversity. An outstanding kick off for the project is Professor Renée Fountain's book Wiki Pedagogy [1] which is wikified wikt:en:wikify in Wikibooks b:en:Wiki_Pedagogy. I asked her permission to do this, and she replied: "If it is published under copyleft or creative commons the answer is YES!" So thank you very much Renée, and welcome aboard. Later on the expanded, revisited, and perhaps otherwise enhanced book can be moved to Wikisources [2].

A Working / Learning Group[edit | edit source]

  • Juha Suoranta
  • Hannu Linturi
  • Ville Venäläinen
  • Kaisa Lindström
  • Sanna Brauer
  • Tere Vadén

The Text[edit | edit source]


Type: E-document

Language: English

Publisher: Dossiers technopédagogiques [3]

Book Chapters[edit | edit source]





Pedagogical Potential


Templates and Tools

Evaluation Tools

About Research



Book in Wikibooks[edit | edit source]

The Content and Chapters are found from Wikibooks b:en:Wiki_Pedagogy