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Introduction[edit | edit source]

- We are moving towards a new open form of learning and collaborating.

- Task of book is to explore the power of Critical pedagogy in the context of the 'Wikiworld'.

- The Wikiworld is built through participation.

- The Wikiworld can be seen as an ideological battlefield. "in question are the very ways in which we conceive of the digital sphere and its physical counterparts."

- New forms of interaction and knowledge are growing outside of the 'closed education systems'. A transformation from formal education to public education.

- Wikis have proved the effectiveness of volunteer working collaboratively to create free contents.

- We are at the edge of a revolution in teaching and learning. Built on the belief that every person can use, customize, improve and redistribute human knowledge without constraint.

- The goal is to make all of human culture available, and improvable, to everyone.

- Critical thought and open access need and nourish each other. Both ideas value collaborative learning in all its forms.

- The Wikiworld is anarchistic in its nature; it progresses collectively and cannot be controlled by any individual.

- The essential issue in the Wikiworld is freedom. "Our message is clear: we write for the radical openness of education for all."