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How can I learn even more about Wikiversity?[edit | edit source]

The edit button.....use it. Wikiversity is a website where you can learn by editing the webpages.
  • True or false? B is the new C <-- A short lesson about learning at Wikiversity and learning by editing wiki website pages.

Try stuff! Learn by doing. Please make mistakes. If you make your edits in good faith, the worst thing can happen is someone coming along and saying that that is not the way things are standardly done, or that what is being done is outside the scope of the project. However, we try not to bite.

Still not sure about using the edit button? Watch a two minute-long video that offers encouragement to people who are new to editing Wikiversity and other wiki websites. Join the Web 2.0 revolution! Wikiversity uses the Ogg video format --> view Web 2.0 video, 9.3 Mb download. (Help with Ogg video file play.)

See also: Wikiversity computer skills <-- includes a tutorial for how to play Ogg format audio and video files on your computer. Have you checked out that little toolbox there to the left? The What links here tool is nifty!