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Wikiversity Day is the 15th of August.

The purpose of this page is for a short "state-of-the-wiki" summary for future Wikiversitarians to look back on.

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On 15th August 2008, Wikiversity had 8500 content pages - the page count shows linear development, not exponential. The number of active contributors during the past year remained about the same as that for the previous year. Edits per month were slightly higher at about 6000. It is predicted that Wikiversity will pass the 10000 page mark sometime in December 2008 or January 2009.

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Wikiversity Day 2007[edit source]

There is no record of any celebration from this time. However it is estimated that on August 15th, 2007, there were approximately 4455 articles. Wikiversity was receiving about 5000 edits per month at this time. The database contained about 2.8 million words.

See also: 5-month report by Cormaggio (15th January 2007)

Wikiversity Day 2006[edit source]

Wikiversity was officially launched as an independent site on 15th August, 2006, shortly before 7 in the morning (UTC). Wikiversity had existed as a project within Wikibooks for almost two years prior to this (starting in September 2004).

At its launch, some existing content was moved from Wikibooks. Wikiversity had approximately 370 articles on its foundation date and about 63 contributors who had edited at least 10 times.

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Statistics[edit source]

If your experiment needs statistics, you ought to have done a better experiment. - w:Ernest Rutherford

The main problems with Wikiversity statistics are their definitions (rarely published), their frequency of publication (sporadic) and their reliability (depends how many servers decided to cooperate at that moment). Really useful things, like "how many people actually use Wikiversity every day", are extraordinarily difficult to come by.

Definitions[edit source]

There has been a small amount of discussion about the date of Wikiversity Day.