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The page documents an official English Wikiversity policy with wide acceptance by participants as a standard you should follow. Please propose and discuss changes to ensure your revisions reflect consensus.

This proposal adds a new Curators user group to Wikiversity and makes slight changes to Custodians and Bureaucrats rights.

  • The new Curators group creates a role that provides advanced content management rights (Delete, Import, Merge History, Move Subpages, Protect, Rollback, etc.). The role does not include any user management rights (no blocking, etc.), and does not include any privacy violation rights (can't undelete, can't view hidden revisions, etc.). Specific rights to be assigned to this group are listed below.
  • The Custodians group rights of Mass delete and Unblock self are removed and assigned to Bureaucrats instead. The ability to add users to the Teachers/Assistants group is added to Custodians.

The new Curators group allows teachers and researchers who come to Wikiversity to more effectively manage content for the courses or learning projects they are managing. It also establishes a starting point for users interested in assisting with custodianship efforts, while limiting their potential impact on others.

The Mass delete and Unblock self rights are removed from Custodians and moved to Bureaucrats to reduce risk of misuse of these rights.

See Wikipedia:Wikipedia:User access levels for background information. Current group rights are listed at Special:ListGroupRights.

Use the Discuss page to comment and vote on this proposal.

User Groups[edit source]

  • Unregistered (not logged in) users
    • No changes
  • New users
    • No changes
  • Autoconfirmed and confirmed users
    • No changes
  • Curators - Includes Autoconfirmed rights
    • CreateAccount
    • Delete
    • Edit Protected
    • Import
    • IPBlock Exempt
    • Merge History
    • Move Category Pages
    • Move Files
    • Move
    • Move Subpages
    • Protect
    • Rollback
    • Suppress Redirect
    • Upload
  • Custodians - (includes all Curators rights)
    • Current administrative rights except Mass delete and Unblock self
    • Add right to add and remove Curator group membership
  • Bureaucrats
    • Current Bureaucrat rights
    • Add Mass delete and Unblock self