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If you are interested in support or mentoring in related areas, such as medical editing on Wikipedia, or downloads of open access literature, please leave a talk page message here, or get in touch with User:Charles Matthews.
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This is the landing page on Wikiversity for the ScienceSource project. It is funded by the Wikimedia Foundation, to use text mining and algorithmic techniques to improve medical referencing on Wikidata and Wikipedia.

Introduction[edit source]

ScienceSource is an ambitious project, aiming to introduce new technological approaches to Wikimedians. This page is intended to explain what is going on in the project, and to offer induction and mentoring. The project has to address some of the major issues we face with the current biomedical literature, and the part of it that is available as "open access". The work will explore, therefore, difficulties with a much broader impact, on researchers and lay readers of scientific papers. As the project develops, practical solutions on downloading papers will be obtained.

Participation[edit source]

The part of the project that is currently active is d:Wikidata:ScienceSource focus list. ScienceSource will be involved in uploading and processing WikiJournal of Medicine articles.

The ScienceSource wiki at will be where the project downloads and annotates scientific papers relevant to medical topics.

Videos[edit source]

Number Video link Topic
1 Introduction to the project
2 ScienceSource focus list
3 What's a neglected disease?
4 ScienceSource annotations