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Editing resource pages[edit source]

Each resource page in Wikiversity has two areas: resource and discussion.

For each area there are four sections: read, edit and history, plus a more section.

Reading a page[edit source]

By default when you load a page, you will be in the read section.

Editing a page[edit source]

To edit a page, from the read section, click on the edit tab. Here, the page source may be modified. The page is in wikitext, the formatting language used by MediaWiki.
You can see:

Discussions[edit source]

The Discuss area of each page, a.k.a. Talk page, is like the resource area, but the conventions of editing change. Contributions on resource pages are often unsigned, and these may be edited by anyone. Contributions on discussion pages should be signed, and editing the discussion of others may be considered inappropriate.

In practice, if you want to open a new question or discussion, use headings (you may use the Add topic tab), while if you want to reply others, indent the response, adding colons or bullets ("*"), and sign your reply or comment with your signature, which will be added with a timestamp if, logged in, this wikitext is added:


More information:

An important tip:

If others reply to your questions or comments in such discussions, you will get no notifications!
This is due to the nature of mediawiki, the software underlying Wikiversity (Also Wikipedia and many other projects),
because editing Talk pages is considered the same as editing normal pages, only conventions change (as told above),
so, if you want to receive notifications, you must change your settings in the appropriate manner.

Advanced[edit source]

Community[edit source]

Namespaces[edit source]

Category System[edit source]

Category System allows organization of pages through Categories.

Each category has a main page in the namespace Category. For example, Physics category has their relative page at [[Category:Physics]].
Each category page contains an editable area (as every page in wikiversity) and an automatically generated area, which contains an alphabetical list of links to all pages in that category.

To add a page in a category, knowing its name, just put in the bottom of this page the [[Category:category name]] statement, in which the category name is, of course, the name of category you chosen.

More information:

Templates[edit source]

A template is a wiki page that can be used repeatedly in other pages. Purposes might be several: boxes for messaging, presentation, navigation, components to track the development state of a page or a course, etc.
Here you can find a list of categorized templates: Category:Templates

Using a template[edit source]

We use a template by inserting its name between double curly braces followed by parameters separated with |.


For example, we want to use Template:Note to note something:

  • We go in its page: Template:Note
  • See its parameters (in this case is "1")
  • And put in pages where we want it this statement: {{Note|1=Some text}}
  • The result will be:

More information:

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