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Default disclosures[edit source]

Emblem-scales.svg Perspective: NPOV.
Its authors are committed to maintaining a high level of scholarly ethics.
Emblem-scales.svg Perspective: Progressivism.
Its authors are committed to maintaining a high level of scholarly ethics.

The disclosures floating on the right will be the default disclosures for Wikiversity:

NPOV was selected as it is what people expect from Wikimedia projects.

Progressivism was selected as that's the one promoted on the Wikiversity:Learning page and discussed in the Wikiversity:Wikiversity project proposal

See below for interpretation of these [and then not much is said about Progressivism, per se. But there are many examples which show how different Wikiversity pages can be from Wikipedia pages.

However, Wikiversity:Learning provides some clues. There is a link to an old WP page that has apparently been moved to: Educational progressivism.

Wikiversity:Wikiversity project proposal again gives more information.

At the top of the Disclosures page, which is proposed policy (not formally adopted), is this:

Wikiversity attempts to provide for broad and open-minded thinking, and so its mission is akin to Wikipedia's in the sense that it will strive towards the concept of neutrality, or "NPOV". However, since neutrality is not always (some would argue, ever) possible, or even desirable, we will need to develop a system of disclosure of biases. In particular, when academic freedom leads Wikiversity participants beyond the restrictions of the traditional Wikimedia Foundation Neutral point of view (NPOV) policy, the Wikiversity pages that are exempted from NPOV must be marked as such and include a disclosure of the limitations on perspective and points of view that are being explored. Only Wikiversity participants who have explicitly affirmed their personal commitment to the Wikiversity Scholarly ethics policy are allowed to edit Wikiversity pages outside of the restrictions imposed by NPOV policy.
Biases should be disclosed. The developers of any stream, unit or learning resource should disclose their bias at the head of each learning resource. Some streams and units will encompass multiple biases; they should state all encompassed biases in their Disclosure. Developers of a resource need not disclose all their biases, merely the ones that they present in the coursework. Wikiversity pages that do not explicitly disclose their biases must be edited according to the restrictions imposed by NPOV policy (all significant points of view must be described).

A page with a Progressivism disclosure template is outside the NPOV policy. What is that policy? It is not a Wikiversity policy, it is described on the meta wiki: m:Neutral_point_of_view.