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Once an appropriate resource name has been chosen, the resource may be moved. This should be done in anticipation of consensus. Undoing moves can be tedious. If in doubt, consult. However, custodians moving pages including large numbers of subpages need be the most cautious, because one action may move hundreds of pages, and there is no Undo command. A bot may exist to handle this, if needed.

Before moving the page, always check "What links here". Part of the task of organization is maintaining links and redirects. If there are many incoming links, consider whether moving the page is worth the cleanup. A single move can be made with a redirect left in place, but double redirects fail. Cleaning up all double redirects is, again, part of the task.

If a redirect is left in place, then it is not necessary to change links. There is also a possibility of off-wiki incoming links. If a resource has substantial development, it would be helpful to google the page URL, and consider the courtesy of leaving a redirect in place.

On the other hand, current custodian practice, deleting redirects, is to show in the deletion reason the original redirect, which allows following deleted redirects.

If it is decided to eliminate redirects, then incoming links should be corrected to point to the new target page. This includes links on Talk pages. This may involve correcting old discussions, or closed processes (normally not to be changed). This is acceptable if the purpose is to improve the readability and usefulness of old process. It is not a "new comment" in a closed discussion.

The edit summary should show the purpose, clearly, such as "correct link to moved page."

So, having moved a page, non-custodian users should set up the cleanup of redirects left. If they are to be kept, just leave them. But if they are better deleted, then place a deletion tag on the redirect, at the top: {{delete|not needed, no incoming links}} or {{delete|rm double redir}} or the like. If there are incoming links, generally those should be fixed first.

(Deleting custodians should always check incoming links before deleting a page, absent an emergency.)