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Globe of letters.svg Subject classification: this is a language-learning resource.

At times it is useful to present some learning resources in more than one language.

Whole Courses

If the resource is a whole course which would need significant localisation, it is probably best placed in the target language instance of Wikiversity (e.g. for French: ) under an appropriate name. If you do this, cross-reference resources by inserting a cross-wiki link as follows:

e.g. For an English page on Mathematics, refer to the Portuguese version by inserting: [[pt:Portal:Matemática_e_Estatística]]
to refer to the Spanish version: [[es:Departamento de Matemática]]

This will create links at the bottom of the left-hand panel of the Wikiversity page. See the Mathematics page for an example.

Page Translations

If the resource is a wiki page which would benefit with multiple language versions, then use the Translations template which provides a navigation bar to the various translations.

The English page serves as the "base". The French page would be created as a sub-page of the English page called [[<the name of English page>/fr]], the Spanish version of the page would be [[<name of English page>/es]], the Chinese version of the page would be [[<name of English page>/zh]], etc.

At the top of each page (i.e. the English version, the French/Chinese/etc. versions) insert the following:

{{Translations|<the name of the English page>}}

For example, for this page (called [["Multilingual Pages"]]) insert:

{{Translations|Multilingual Pages}}

Then create the translation pages as sub-pages of the English page.

For example, for this page, the French translation would go into: [[Multilingual Pages/fr]],

the Chinese translation would go into [[Multilingual Pages/zh]]


At the top of both of those new pages (for French and Chinese) insert the same template reference:

{{Translations|<the name of the English page>}}

For this page's translations that would be:

{{Translations|Multilingual Pages}}.

Then, have a bilingual person translate the English placing the result into the target page.

e.g. for French: [[Multilingual Pages/fr]].

PS For the above to work on one of the other Wikiversity localisations, the Translations template would have to be set up there.

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