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There is a resource which enables users to get a day-by-day record of visits to a wikiversity page on a monthly basis. The facility was originally created for Wikipedia, but can be adapted for Wikiversity use.

  1. Go to Wikiversity:Colloquium metrics, January 2012
  2. Replace the month for which the metric is wanted in the format YYYYMM
  3. Replace "Wikiversity:Colloquium" (i.e. the text after the last slash with the name of the page you want the metric for:
e.g. = Main Page May, 2011

Remember always use "_" for spaces


If you add a metrics link on the talk page of where you wish to monitor use, this will make it much easier to review usage when you next visit the page.

Also you can cut and past the link, altering the month to faciliate ongoing monitoring.

e.g. Talk:Liberté (game)/personalities

Cut and paste page[edit]

This is a method to create a metric page linked to the page of your choice

  1. Create a page by adding "/metrics" after the name of the page you would liek a metric pages for.
  2. Go to Wikiversity:Metrics/metrics
  3. Cut and paste page into your new metric pages
  4. Remove unnecessary material - e.g. a new page will not need metrics for the period before it was started.

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