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Note: "QOTD" means "quote of the day".

This learning project allows Wikiversity participants to explore the content used in {{QOTD}} which inserts a quote in the Wikiversity:Main Page. The quote appears prominently in the top right corner, next to the welcome message. A (discuss) link accompanies the quote. Here is today's quote:

"The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled." — Plutarch (discuss)

Projects and activities.

  • State the exact source of the quotes.
  • Discuss the quotes.
  • Find more quotes.
  • Make Wikiversity pages for each person who is quoted.

Due to the placement on our main page these QOTD discussions that are linked from the Main Page are frequent targets for test edits, vandalism, and spam. Therefore, the mainspace resource pages redirect to the talk page to prevent editing by unregistered users in a searchable mainspace page. The talk pages are open to anyone editing. For many this might be their first time editing on a wiki. This project is to encourage discussion of the quote but it is also a kind of sandbox for introducing newcomers to collaborative editing.

See also q:Knowledge, q:Education and q:Learning.

Older discussions from this page can be found in the archive.

Currently used quotes[edit source]

Quotes are no longer included on the main page.

New quote suggestions[edit source]

This project is inactive.

Formerly used quotes[edit source]

(older discussions from this section can be found in the archive.)

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