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Every now and then the Wikiversity community begins to harbor the notion that our Main Page is ready for an overhaul. Our consensus model requires us to conduct periodic inspections of our content. The quality of our content is the highest priority we have. Driving the whole process is the need for Wikiversity to self-organize in terms of content, context, commitment and community. The recent foundation initiative calls for Wikimedia projects to develop their own strategy for self-improvement based on a set of project-wide directives aimed at making all Wikimedia content better. Setting an example as a service community has been a priority all along, so we shall "step up to the plate" in this endeavor.


content quality strategy


This Wikiversity page is under construction. If you see a Red link, turn it into a Blue link. If you see something that needs Translation, translate it. If you don't agree with something or have a question, simply go to Wikiversity talk:Main Page Revamp with your concerns. This is a wiki!