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Wikiversity will offer opportunities for service and learning development in a variety of contexts.

Scholars are sometimes described as existing in an "Ivory Tower" and in a state of detachment from real world concerns. Yet, members of a university often apply their learning and experience to practical problems in their communities and in society in general.

Meaning of service[edit source]

In the context of learning communities, service means working to improve the common good. Service work aims to contribute to the welfare of others, to somehow help and benefit others, through education, research and community activities.

In an international context, education and research services are of fundamental importance in development aid and sustainable development. Research and knowledge of experts are also important aspects in organizing humanitarian aid.

Service projects[edit source]

Please help Wikiversity to develop service projects by adding your ideas below.

Some of the projects that Wikiversity may develop include supporting:

  • the development of curricula and instruction services for learning in poor communities
  • the development of free tools to assist in free learning contexts
  • research by learners and scholars in solving social problems
  • translation of foreign language texts for educational purposes
  • implementing solutions to social problems in every local community by mobilizing wiki learners
  • launch an independent service-oriented wiki project to engage social activists and public citizens in implementing change worldwide.[edit source]

Potentially a new wiki project, the purpose of the site is to engage the public in improving the common good. Each city would be represented, (like Craigslist [1]). Learners will identify problems in their area, hash out potential solutions, implement change, evaluate results and share best practices with the world.

  • anyone who can start may take the domain from me - Michael,

Serving Wikimedia[edit source]

One area that Wikiversity will focus on initially in service are sister Wikimedia projects.

See Wikiversity:Service community.

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