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Wikiversity category cleanup weekly worksheet

Recent changes to category namespace

Plans for Week 23[edit source]

Things are really shaping up. This week, a request has been put in for dynamic page list functionality. This should improve the organization of things by creating alternate ways of displaying collections of pages that share categories, namespaces, templates and such. Once the extention is up and running, we'll need a Dynamic page list help page. We might also work on Help:Category some.

Exemplary work from new user User:Alorocaste who demonstrated an understanding of categorization "right off the bat".

MediaWiki category tools[edit source]

Special category page Notes and comments W21 W22 W23
Special:Categories very large (one page version) ??? ??? 1391
CategoryTree (from top) useful if you have a modern browser 16 18 19
Uncategorizedcategories the root of all evil 53 53 22
Uncategorizedimages the "back burner" thing 336 336 341
Uncategorizedpages an evil nightmare 91 85 34
Unusedcategories how did these get here? 78 78 73
Wantedcategories Dead or alive? 481 486 493