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The use of wikis in learning promotes collaboration. A wiki is a perfect place for process writing, studens' own homepages, and project working. When we use wikis as a learning space we concentrate thus also to assessment of groups and collaborative processes. Instead of single students we are now assessing processes and final outputs produced in some kind of groups. Assessment can be both feedback and feedforward and it can base to mixed modes of individual assessment, peer assessment and assessment of groups.

Here a couple of examples of educational wikis:

  1. Educational wikis
  2. A particularly innovative wiki use is DramaticIdentity — A DramaticIdentity is a temporary hat that you put on when you assume the role of another (nonhuman) entity, allowing it to speak on the topic at hand. (Peter Mereal in References, Category Wiki-5)

More can be found at: Educational wikis.


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  1. Get familiar with wikis and build your own wiki or use this wiki (create pages, modify content & discuss). There are lot of different wikis available but visit for example wikispaces, MediaWiki or wetpaint.
  2. Get familiar with assessment examples of wikis given in links and make your own plan how to assess learning when using wikis. Think who should assess learning, when and how.

If you wish to write your notes directly to wikiarticle, then please do so, creating titles and sub sections as you progress.

Research and discussion questions

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  • Do any distributed/decentralized wiki technologies exist?

Educational media

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