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When working on wikimedia project, the contents is shared by many users. So you have to discuss and collaborate with others. Wikimedia provides several ways of communicating and certain policies about how a good communication can take place.

Talk pages[edit | edit source]

Concept questions
  • Why is it so important to sign messages on talk pages using "~~~~".
  • How can you send a notice to another user?
  • How response messages formatted and indendet?
  • What is {{quotation|quoted material}} used for in talk pages?
  • What is the "E-mail this user" link on the bottom left of users talkpage or userpage good for?
  • Why should you use English, even on your user talk page?
  1. Take notice of article talk pages when you are browing mediawiki pages.
  2. Look at other user pages
  3. Leave a note on Foobars user page. (You might need to create this page, "Foobar" is a placeholder)

Policies[edit | edit source]

What is a policy?

What are the most important policies in common in Wikimedia projects?

What are policies specific to some Wikimedia projects?

What are the most important differences to the policies in the Citizendium wiki?