Wikipedia and the 2008 US elections/Sarah Palin/Editor survey

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The text below is a survey for the editors of the Sarah Palin article. Please don't feel the need to answer any questions you're not comfortable answering.

First contact with the article[edit]

Discuss your first contact with the article, for example: When did you first read the Sarah Palin Article? Did you think it was a good article when you first read it? When and why did you first edit the article? Do you think the article has improved since you first read it?


Discuss your background knowledge of Sarah Palin for example: Were you familiar with Sarah Palin before John McCain's announcement on August 28, 2008? Do you have any academic background in politics or journalism? When you were editing, were you mostly adding material that you already knew, or were you actively researching and adding to the article as you found more information?


Discuss your political background, for example: Were you eligible to vote in this election? Did you vote? Are you registered to one of the parties? How did you vote? Did the Sarah Palin article or your involvement in the article help you decide how to vote?


Discuss your views on the importance of Wikipedia to the election: Do you think the article played an important role in helping people decide who to vote for?

Editing habits[edit]

Discuss your editing habits: When did you first start to edit Wikipedia? Do you mostly work on politics-related articles?

Community on the Palin article[edit]

Discuss your experience as an editor of this article: Did you find that the community of editors working on this article were able to work well together? Did you ever get stressed? Did you develop a camaraderie with your fellow editors?