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We begin WikipediaAcademy by acquainting you first as a user and later as an editor.

The url for English Wikipedia is


which takes you to the Main Page of the English Wikipedia.

BOX The prefix "en" in the url is the <code> for English language. By replacing "en" with the code for another language, you can reach the Main Page of the wikipedia in that language, if it exists. For example, replacing "mr" in place of "en" will take you to the Main Page of Marathi Wikipedia.

There are wikipedias in 278 languages and wikipedias exist for all major languages so chances are that you would find a wikipedia in the language you desire. /BOX

Let us acquaint ourselves with the Main Page.

At the top left corner is the Wikipedia logo. Clicking on it will return you to the Main Page anytime. In line with the logo is the welcome to Wikipedia Banner.

Below the logo is the dashboard with links which forms the left border column of the web page. The logo, banner and dashboard with its links are to be found on all pages of Wikipedia.

In the center is the content area. In the Main Page, the Content area has four panels. the top left panel display's Today's featured article. Featured articles are articles of the highest quality that can be found on Wikipedia. Each day, a blurb from a Featured Article is displayed in this panel with a link for //read more//.

The title of the article can be found