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Suggested essays in social science[edit | edit source]

  • Carry out a questionnaire or an interview survey, for example regarding:
    • To what extent is it considered acceptable to use Wikipedia as source in student essays?
    • To what extent does systematic bias exist on Wikipedia?
    • What causes subjective enforcement of the Wikipedia policies?
    • What measures are most efficient in improving the reliability of Wikipedia?
  • Arrange a blind test measurement of the quality of a certain Wikipedia language version in comparison to a commercial encyclopedia
  • Carry out a case study, evaluating the success of some wiki site.
  • Study Wikipedia statistics
  • Write a review paper on a few research articles or some master theses related to wikis and Wikipedia, compare their conclusions and argue for your own opinion on the matter

Suggested technical projects in computer science[edit | edit source]

  • Install, configure, administrate and build up your own wiki
  • Evaluate some new MediaWiki extension or application
  • Program a MediaWiki robot script
  • Suggest and specify the development of some new MediaWiki application or extension, and develop a first prototype or demonstrator
  • Write a review paper on some technical research articles or a Master of Science theses related to wiki technology.