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Wikipedia is the oldest and largest of the Wikimedia wikis, with over 2 millions of articles created by thousands of contributors.

Available Surveys[edit | edit source]

There is currently one main survey regarding the Wikipedia project. This survey can be altered to include additional questions:

Wmdgs-wikipedia-survey1[edit | edit source]

This is the initial survey regarding Wikipedia. To participate, add the following to your survey page:

| Show instructions ("y" shows instructions for the Wikipedia survey) = y
| Article reliability (1-5, see instructions) = 
| Article depth (1-5, see instructions) = 
| Strength of notability requirement (1-5, see instructions) = 
| Number of policies (1-3, see instructions) = 
| Rating of ARBCOM (1-5) = 
| Are you a current or former member of ARBCOM (y/n) = 
| Have you ever been an involved party in an ARBCOM case (y/n) = 

Related surveys[edit | edit source]

Requested additional questions:[edit | edit source]

Surveys have been requested for the topics listed below:

  • Different language versions of the various Wikipedia projects. (en.wikipedia/es.wikipedia/de.wikipedia; many people participate in more than one language version of Wikipedia.) Some might only participate in other languages to add interwiki links. Horologium 17:49, 30 January 2008 (UTC)

Surveys under construction[edit | edit source]

These surveys are under development:

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Related topics on Wikiversity[edit | edit source]

Survey Announcement Forums[edit | edit source]

New surveys will be announced < regular date >:

Wiki-based forums[edit | edit source]

  • Village pump

Mailinglist and IRC forums[edit | edit source]

  • Wikipedia-l
  • #wikipedia on freenode

Talkpage mailer bots[edit | edit source]

Other forums[edit | edit source]