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This Wikimedian Demographics subresource is dedicated to Administration on Wikimedia projects.

Note that on Wikiversity, "administrators" are called "custodians".

Available Surveys[edit | edit source]

The surveys listed below are available for topics specific to Wikibooks:

  • (none yet)

Requested Surveys[edit | edit source]

Surveys have been requested for the topics listed below:

  • What does administrator mean?
  • Should administrators have minimum activity requirements?
  • Mentorship vs. RfA

New Surveys[edit | edit source]

These surveys have been developed, and will be announced on :

  • (none yet)

Related topics on Wikiversity[edit | edit source]

Survey Announcement Forums[edit | edit source]

New surveys will be announced < regular date >:

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Mailinglist and IRC forums[edit | edit source]

Talkpage mailer bots[edit | edit source]

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