Wikimedian Demographics/Reminders/February, 2008

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Hello {{subst:BASEPAGENAME}}. I'm writing because you [[:Category:WMDGS/Remind me please|requested a reminder]] about progress on [[Wikimedian Demographics]]. For the time being these will be about once per month.

Speaking of reminders, it turns out the template question isn't the most efficient way of coming up with a mailing list. If you want to recieve this message on another of your talk pages (or don't want them at all), please edit the list on [[Wikimedian Demographics/Reminders]]. 

To update on progress so far, there have been somewhere around 50 respondents over the past month, with more trickling in slowly but steadily. There are 7 major surveys (or 12, depending on how you count them):
#The basic survey (about your participation in Wikimedia)
#The "geography" surveys (actually 6 of those, for each inhabited continent)
#The Operating System survey (still stubby)
#The Wikipedia survey
#The Commons survey
#The US presidential elections survey
#The sexuality and relationships survey

Only the geography surveys have had any major modifications since being originally posted (more countries were added to those). 

Several new surveys have been discussed at [[Talk:Wikimedian Demographics]], as well as other places within Wikiversity. A few that might be ready sometime in February include:
*A survey about Women in Wikimedia
*A survey about Wikibooks
*A survey about Wikiversity
*A survey about administrative issues (including cross-wiki topics such as CheckUser and "global blocking")
*A survey about environmental issues
*A survey about religion
*A survey about international trade

If you have ideas for more surveys, please share them on [[Talk:Wikimedian Demographics]]. Thanks for your participation thus far, and we hope to see you soon! ~~~~