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This Wikimedian Demographics subresource is dedicated to Wikimedia Commons.

Available Surveys[edit | edit source]

The surveys listed below are available for topics specific to Wikimedia Commons:

Wmdgs-commons-survey1[edit | edit source]

==Wikimedia Commons==
| Show instructions ("y" shows instructions for the Commons survey) = y
| of the images you have uploaded to commons, are they primarily own work or from elsewhere (1-5, see instructions) = 
| when looking for an image or other media files on commons, is it easy to find what you're loooking for (1-3, see instructions) = 
| how much do you work on categorizing commons (1-4, see instructions) = 
| should all images be organized by gallery or category (1-4, see instructions) = 
| do you support web-crawling for images using tools such as FlickrLickr (1-3, see instrutions) = 
| Should featured media and media of the year be restricted to works created by Wikimedians (1-3, see instructions) = 
| are you an administrator on commons (y/n) = 
| Do you support the policy of removing administrator status from inactive administrators (1-4, see instrustions) = 
| Should users be allowed to ask that their files be deleted from commons (1-5, see instructions) = 

Suggested Survey Questions[edit | edit source]

Surveys have been requested for the topics listed below:

  • Is it easy to find what you're looking for?
  • Content quality
  • Do you understand the scope of the project?
  • What kind of files do you upload?
  • Do you edit photos before you upload them?
  • Do you prefer galleries or categories as a browsing method?

New Surveys[edit | edit source]

These surveys have been developed, and will be announced on :

  • (none yet)

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