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Completed Final Assignments from the First Cohort of course participants[edit | edit source]

Below you can find a variety of Wikimedia education project proposals developed by participants of the first cohort of the Wikimedia Education Greenhouse online course between July, 2019 and May, 2020.

Participant Project Proposal
Agustín Zanotti Pequeñas poblaciones del interior de Argentina
Gina Benett Wikimedia Educators Emeritus
Trudi Jacobson Become a Wikipedia Editor
Pietro Valocchi Sum of all paintings: my local artist
Florencia Claes Innovación educativa URJC-UCM
Uzoma Ozurumba Wikipedia course for Igbo language lecturers in Alvan Ikoku College of education
Oby Ezeilo Wiki in the classroom for secondary schools in Abuja
Maxwell Beganim Kiwix and Edit-a-thon
Andrews Lartey Growing Open and Eco-Friendly Skills(GOES) for the Youth - Ghana
Amber Berson Become a Wikipedia Editor
Onyinye Onuoha Gain Wikipedia Editing Skills and Become a Wikipedia Editor
Joy Agyepong GOES Ghana
Mohammad Hijjawi An-Najah National University competition
Matsie Mofana Adding Sesotho literature sources using Wiki projects
Jesse Asiedu-Akrofi Awareness and capacity building in senior high schools in Ghana using Wikipedia

Completed Final Assignments from the Wikiversity online course modality[edit | edit source]

Participan Project Proposal
Nawaraj Guimire Enhance Digital Skills Using Wikimedia for Student/Teacher