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Wikidata is is a collaboratively edited knowledge base operated by the Wikimedia Foundation. It is intended to provide a common source of certain data types (for example, birth dates) which can be used by Wikimedia projects such as Wikipedia. For example in wikidata you can find the work of Vincent van Gogh:

Reasons[edit | edit source]

The possibilities for wikidata are many. Practically anything that can be made into lists, tables and databases, such as:

  1. A periodical table of elements
  2. A table of physical constants
  3. A table of the world events
  4. A table of Indigenous public art

It is important to develop datasets that can be used in multiple languages and across many different project spaces (such as the range of Wikimedia projects). A reasonable solution is to make one common data project that has the discipline of open format standards and reuse and the potential for a large and popular user base to assist with contributions and management - much like what Commons: is for images and media.

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