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WikiProject study before editing has the purpose to improve the quality of Wikipedia.

Purpose and procedure[edit source]

Outsiders and experts have the complaint that Wikipedia is severely lacking in quality. An expert is someone who has studied for years to acquire expertise. To acquire expertise, it is necessary to read many books and to submit to the methodology of a field of study. To make sure that an expert gets more influence on the contents of an article, I want to propose to promote the acquiring of all relevant literature on a subject and debate on this, before editing an article. The resulting version of an article after the debate can be immortalised in a template on the talk page of the article and on a special project page where the debates are organized. This project page will be hosting several unchangeable versions of articles and it will be an integral part of Wikipedia, without breaking any of the rules, while circumventing the bureaucratic system of Wikipedia.

My suggestion on the procedure of a high-quality debate is:

  1. Picking an article or a couple of articles.
  2. Searching for all relevant literature.
  3. Making sure that all participants of a debate have all the literature. A solution for people who live far away from a major library and can't get most of the literature is to make all literature (temporarily) available on the internet. There could be a problem with copyrights. A solution would be to let participants get the literature from a 'local' major library.
  4. (Picking a chairman with the task to make sure that the debate is about the literature and not about something else. He could also make sure that the debate comes to an end.)
  5. The debate. The new version of the article will be constructed during the debate. Changes made by casual users to the old version of the article during the debate should be discussed as well. New participants of the debate will be asked to join our project and to read the literature during the debate. New titles can be added during the debate.
  6. Replacing the old version of the article with the new version.

Participants[edit source]

Possible Congresses[edit source]

Title of topic[edit source]

  • Start on (one month a year after topic is chosen).
  • Main language of this debate will be (English).
  • Literature

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