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Organizing the review of scientific Wikipedia articles by academics.

Principles[edit | edit source]

  1. A scientific Wikipedia article is submitted by an author, or selected by motivated reviewers or WikiJournal editors.
  2. A WikiJournal editor asks two or more academic specialists for reviews. The reviews are posted on the article's Talk page, where they are discussed by the editor, reviewers, and if applicable authors and other interested contributors.
  3. All participants may improve the Wikipedia article at any time.
  4. The editor declares the review finished when no further discussions or improvements of the article seem likely.
  5. If the editor and reviewers are satisfied with the revised article, it is proposed for publication by the WikiJournal, with or without named authors.
  6. The reviews and discussion are published as a "WikiJournal review", with the reviewers as the main authors. This WikiJournal review is assigned a DOI, a PDF version, and indexed by Google Scholar.

A few details[edit | edit source]

  • As authors of the WikiJournal review, the reviewers cannot be anonymous. However, the reviewers and editor can use pseudonyms on Wikipedia.
  • If the Wikipedia article is published by the WikiJournal, it has to comply with the WikiJournal rules: in particular, the editor and reviewers cannot be named authors, even if they made important contributions.
  • It is strongly recommended that the reviewers create a Wikipedia account if they do not have one. Otherwise their reviews can be posted by the editor.

Candidate Wikipedia articles[edit | edit source]