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Abstract: This is a description of an infection in 73 year old man with multiple comorbidities, with images of ''Aerococcus urinae'' from resultant blood cultures, showing their alpha hemolytic and Gram-positive properties.Plain language summary: ''Aerococcus urinae'' is a type of bacteria that can lead to infections in the urinary system. This work describes a 73 year old man who had an infection with ''Aerococcus urinae''. Samples of blood and urine were taken from the patient, and when put on blood cells the bacteria weakly changed the color of the blood cells around them. This result is called ''alpha hemolysis'', and can be seen in ''Figure 1''. Adding Gram stain to the bacteria turned them violet, and therefore the bacteria were ''Gram-positive''. This can be seen in microscopy in ''Figure 2''. The patient was treated with antibiotics.