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WikiJournal of Medicine

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ISSN: 2002-4436
Frequency: Continuous

Since: March 2014
Funding: Wikimedia Foundation
Publisher: WikiJournal User Group
Official location: USA
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WikiJournal of Medicine is registered in Sweden as a non-profit organization (organization number 802505-7095). It is part of the WikiJournal User Group. The journal does not charge a subscription or article processing fees, web-hosting is done by the Wikimedia Foundation, and editors are unpaid. It is therefore able to operate with very low cash flow.

Current financials[edit]

The journal shares its financials with WikiJournal User Group. For statements for January 1, 2018 and onward, see:

Financial statements 2017 and earlier[edit]


See Grant report




Expense Cost Comment
Annual CrossRef membership $275 [note 1] domain name (directed to main page) $16 [note 1]
Total $291

Annual report 2016[edit]

WikiJournal of Medicine was registered as a nonprofit organization in Sweden November 30, 2016, with the editor-in-chief Mikael Häggström as signatory. Earlier in the year, Mikael Häggström personally paid 291 USD, for journal membership in Crossref and the domain name (both for 2017). In addition, 210 USD will be paid for membership in COPE. All these payments were funded by a grant from the Wikimedia Foundation to Mikael Häggström personally. Therefore, both the revenue and expenditure were 0 USD in 2016 for the journal itself.

In 2017, spending will instead be paid by the journal itself. Expenditures are expected to remain less 1000 USD for 2017.



Total reserve: $0


Expense Cost Comment
Annual CrossRef membership $275 [note 1] domain name (directed to main page) $16 [note 1]
Total $291

Total reserve: $0


Expense Cost Comment
Annual CrossRef membership $206 [note 1] domain name (directed to main page) $16 [note 1]
Total $291
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 These expenses were payed ad hoc by Mikel Häggström, and were subsequently reimbursed by a personal grant from Wikimedia Foundation in 2016


The Treasurer is currently a vacant position. If you are interested in becoming the treasurer of WikiJournal of Medicine, please express your interest on this Discuss page, in an email to the editor-in-chief at or to another board member. You should have some experience in similar tasks in the past. You are also expected to know how, and be willing to, set up at bank account for the journal.

As per bylaws in the matter, the treasurer is appointed by consensus in the Editorial Board, and has the following responsibilities:

  • Having charge and custody of and being responsible for all funds and securities of the journal
  • Receiving and giving receipts for monies due and payable to the journal from any source whatsoever
  • Reviewing the financial operations of the journal and make financial reports to the editorial board at regular and special meetings, as well as keeping the public informed by keeping this page up to date.